KYB TV Series

A Shock and Strut Video Series

KYB TV covers a variety of topics, including how to choose the right shock and how a shock absorber can affect ride and vehicle control. These short, two-minute videos give you clear, concise information to help you make informed decisions about shock and strut replacement.

A new themed video will be released each month.

#8: How Do I Know When I Need New Shocks?

It may be hard to know when you need new shocks and struts, or why you need shocks and struts. Unfortunately, there is no easy…

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#7 – What do shocks do?

“What do shocks do?” or “What do struts do?” are often asked and there is a lot of conflicting information out there about what shocks…

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#6 – How to Choose the Best Strut Assembly

The best strut assembly for your truck. The best strut assembly gives you confidence, and the KYB Strut-Plus is the best complete strut assembly available.…

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#5 – What is a Strut Assembly?

A strut assembly is a group of matched components, already put together to help restore a vehicle’s ride height and handling capabilities. Strut Assemblies include…

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#4 – The Best Strut Assembly Is Worry Free

Strut Assemblies affect stopping distance, steering response, ride height and can change how your vehicle feels. Lower-cost assemblies are built to a price, not to…

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#3 – How to Choose the Best Shocks

The best shocks, no matter how you are using your truck or SUV. The best shocks can offer more than just a smooth ride, they…

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#2 – Cheap Shocks Vs Premium Shocks

When you’re considering the cost to replace shocks and struts, it is important to remember that shocks and struts are safety critical items. They affect…

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#1 – What Shocks Do Shops Use?

Professional shops use KYB shocks and struts because they can trust exactly how the vehicle will perform once the new shocks and struts are installed.…

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