It may be hard to know when you need new shocks and struts, or why you need shocks and struts. Unfortunately, there is no easy explanation, but the best place to start is with a good road test by a qualified technician. It is true that shocks and struts wear over time, both the rebound and compression valves can wear, and the fluid can breakdown or become contaminated. It is entirely possible that a shock won’t be leaking but be worn enough inside that it cannot provide designed vehicle control.

There are three main reasons why people replace their shock and struts. The first is because their original shocks have failed, they may be leaking, and this is an obvious reason to replace them. The second is to help restore designed vehicle control and handling because the original shocks are worn. As shocks and struts wear, your vehicle begins to lose body control and road traction, it will take longer to stop, steering response may be slower and the ride will become harder. A short physical inspection and road test can help determine if your vehicle should have its shocks and struts replaced. The third reason to replace your shocks is to increase your vehicle’s handling and control capabilities. You may be loading up your truck or SUV and using it at its designed limit, or you may just want more control for more spirited driving. Either way, replacing your shocks with new KYB monotube shocks will give you more handling and control capabilities.

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