Complete Assembly
Already assembled with the correct spring, top mount and insulators required for quick replacement.
Increases Ride Height
Ride height is critical to the performance of sensors, electronic safety systems, and headlight aim.

KYB Truck-Plus Leveling Assemblies are an ideal solution for truck owners who want a more aggressive appearance for their ride. Many of today’s light trucks appear higher in the rear than in the front. The KYB Truck-Plus Leveling Assembly increases the vehicle’s front height, allowing owners to give their truck a more level appearance.

The Truck-Plus Leveling Assemblies come completely assembled with strut, spring, and mount, as well as all hardware necessary for installation. Truck-Plus Leveling Assemblies are easy to install, and since the spring is already in place, no spring compression is required.

The majority of the Truck-Plus Leveling Assemblies are assembled in the USA and use the same high quality springs and components found in KYB Truck-Plus Performance Assemblies including high carbon steel coil springs that are heat treated, stress relieved, cycle tested, and salt spray tested.

The KYB Product Team chooses the most appropriate base unit for each Truck-Plus Leveling Assembly application; an Excel-G, our popular Gas-a-Just monotube, or MonoMax.

Applications are available for many of the most popular trucks and additional applications are currently in development. Learn whether Truck-Plus Leveling assemblies are available for your ride in our online catalog.


KYB Truck-Plus Leveling Product Video

KYB Truck-Plus Leveling Kit on Two Guys Garage

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