Up to 40% More Control
With a faster response and up to 40% more damping over OE twin-tube designs, KYB MonoMax shocks are a great way to give your truck additional handling and control capabilities.
Tow Ready
Towing, hauling heavy loads and plowing require additional damping and control capabilities. KYB Monotube shocks are a great upgrade choice if you are using your truck or SUV
For Larger Tires and Wheels
Larger, aftermarket wheels can add up to 25 pounds of additional weight to each corner. Original Equipment shocks and struts for original tires and wheels, not larger, heavier ones. These shocks include additional damping over OE design and work well with larger, heavier tires and wheels
Increases Steering Response
Steering response is a critical part of vehicle safety. Worn and economy shocks can allow fluid to travel through the shock valves too quickly, this reduces overall steering response. KYB’s shock valves are designed to help restore steering response to what the vehicle manufacturer intended.
Monotube Design
High pressure monotube design separates the gas and oil for fade free operation and instant response. This design works best on sports cars and on trucks and SUVs with higher roll center.
Increases Stability
With a faster response and additional damping, KYB monotube shocks provide more stability (especially vehicles with a higher center of gravity) when compared to traditional twin-tube shocks.

Tough conditions demand tough truck shocks.  The large bore KYB MonoMax provides the additional stability that heavier, more powerful or high center of gravity vehicles demand.  The KYB MonoMax is a heavy duty monotube shock absorber that provides the most handling, control and durability of any KYB shock; and it’s just for trucks. The MonoMax’s tough design automatically adjusts to driving conditions with fade-free performance.  The KYB MonoMax has an outstanding reputation for vehicles that do real work, go off-road, tow a trailer or haul heavy loads. It uses a work-ready, zinc-coated steel piston ring and includes an off-road dust boot.

Dirt and rocks can score the shaft and cause premature wear to the oil seal, the KYB uses a thick rubber dust boot to protect the shaft from debris.

Larger tire wheels add unsprung weight to a vehicle and make it harder to control, the extra damping capabilities of the MonoMax are perfect for handling larger tires and wheels

On road or off, a positive fluid seal is critical to performance, the KYB MonoMax uses a zinc-coated stainless-steel piston ring for a perfect seal in any conditions

Fluid leaking can be a cause of shock failure, the KYB MonoMax has an ultra-smooth triple chrome plated chrome piston rod to reduce seal wear. The multi-lip, synthetic oil seal is also engineered to keep fluid in and has a wiper to keep contaminates out of the oil.

The MonoMax is available for trucks and SUVs, including some lifted applications