How to measure shocks

Measuring points for shock absorbers

Measuring points differ based on the mounting style. Extended and Compressed lengths are measured:

  1. From center of eyering to shoulder of stud
  2. From center of eyering to center of eyering
  3. From shoulder of stud to shoulder of stud

KYB Shock Mount Identification


ID=Inside diameter
OD=Outside diameter
E1=Eyering with 5/8″ ID rubber bushing
E1 – L/E=Large eyering with rubber bushing
The (xxx) after L/E is the bushing ID.
E2=Eyering with bushing and metal sleeve The (xxx) after E2 are the sleeve dimensions. Example: (12 x 32) = 12mm ID x 32mm wide
E3=Eyering with slotted barpin The (xxx) after E3 is the barpin slot dimensions & rotation. Example: (48 x 80 x 0) = 48mm from slot ID to slot ID, 80mm barpin OD, with 0 degrees rotation. (means barpin is perpendicular to shock body)
S1=Standard 3/8″ / 10mm OD stem (bayonet) mount
S1(xxx)=Stem with special dimension Example: S1(12mm) = 12mm OD stem
S-BRKT=Special bracket with studs
Special=Special mount configuration