KYB in North America

At KYB, you’ll find a group of passionate people who believe in developing the very best and safest products. Good enough does not cut it for products that affect vehicle control, stability and stopping distance. Transporting your family, hauling heavy loads or spirited driving, our products are built correctly with a clear, considered purpose. Our mission embraces education and safety to shops, parts stores and consumers; we believe that knowledge allows for better decisions and better performing vehicles.

KYB is well known as an Original Equipment supplier to new vehicle manufacturers around the globe. We use the same materials, techniques and facilities to build our Aftermarket products. We take pride in offering products that restore your vehicle to how it performed when it was new. In short, we create products that are the correct solution for the application, and we use our products on our own cars and trucks.

Our facilities focus on sustainability practices that include less waste, lower energy usage, and increased recycling. KYB has also partnered with suppliers to improve labor practices around the world. Our Franklin, Indiana manufacturing facility was honored as the 2019 Industrial Plant of the Year for our efforts in wastewater management and environmental quality.