The best shocks, no matter how you are using your truck or SUV.

The best shocks can offer more than just a smooth ride, they can help restore your truck’s handling and control or even provide additional control when towing or hauling. All KYB shock absorbers are designed to the highest standards and are manufactured in the same facilities that build shocks for new vehicle manufacturers.

We understand that people use their trucks and SUVs in different ways and it’s important to give people a choice when choosing the best shock for their truck. If you loved the way your truck or SUV rode and handled new, we suggest choosing the KYB Excel-G. If you are looking for additional control because you are occasionally hauling or have larger tires and wheels, we recommend the KYB Gas-a-just. If you are doing full-time work with your truck and hauling heavy loads, choose the KYB MonoMax. KYB’s line of truck shocks ensures you get the best shock for how you use your truck or SUV.

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