A strut assembly is a group of matched components, already put together to help restore a vehicle’s ride height and handling capabilities. Strut Assemblies include a new strut, coil spring, strut mount as well as a protection boot, jounce bumper and spring insulators. KYB Strut-Plus assemblies use the highest quality, best performing components and are assembled by a professional.

The quality and performance of every part of a strut assembly matters. The best strut won’t work well with a poorly made coil spring or a mount with the wrong rubber compound. This is why KYB designs every piece to work together and why every Strut-Plus is tested on vehicles in North America. Some lower cost strut assemblies are built to fit multiple vehicles. The KYB Strut-Plus considers years, make and model, as well as also trim level, engine size and wheel size. Struts, coil springs and strut mounts can all differ based on vehicle attributes, KYB only builds and catalogs correct, OE performance restoring assemblies. This makes the KYB Strut-Plus the very best strut assembly you can buy.


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