Strut Assemblies affect stopping distance, steering response, ride height and can change how your vehicle feels. Lower-cost assemblies are built to a price, not to match OE designed performance. They are often built to fit multiple vehicles and trim levels. Hundreds of hours of research and testing goes in to every KYB Strut-Plus, making them the very best strut assembly available.

Every single component is critical to the performance and durability of a strut assembly. From the valves in the strut, to the hardness of the rubber in the strut mount and the rate of the coil spring, these components must be designed together to restore the vehicle’s original handling and control capabilities. That is what makes the KYB Strut-Plus worry free. We focus on keeping your vehicle ready for whatever traffic event comes your way. The KYB Strut-Plus is the best complete strut assembly available.

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