Helps Maintain Wheel Alignment
The strength and thickness of the strut body and brackets are critical for maintaining correct wheel alignment. KYB has the strongest and thickest strut bodies and brackets in the industry, this minimizes flex to keep the alignment correct and you in control.
Restores Designed Stability
In-house damping valves are assembled by hand to help restore the handling and stability to what the vehicle manufacturer intended. This is critical to make sure electronic safety systems work as designed.
Complete Assembly
Already assembled with the correct spring, top mount and insulators required for quick replacement.
ESC ready
Electronic Safety Systems like Electronic Stability Control and automated braking depend on the suspension, brakes and tires operating exactly as the vehicle manufacturer intended. Worn shocks or economy shocks may not have enough damping, making it harder for Electronic Safety Systems to perform as designed.
Helps prolong tire life
Worn or economy shocks may not have enough damping ability to properly control the tire and tire performance, this creates too much tire movement and accelerates tire wear. KYB shocks are engineered for optimal tire performance and wear.
Restores Correct Ride Height
Proper ride height is critical to the performance of sensors, electronic safety systems, and headlight aim. KYB tests each spring and doesn’t consolidate applications to make sure that every Strut-Plus restores vehicle ride height to within the manufacturer's specifications.
OE Replacement
The best choice to restore original design handling and control capabilities; from a leading Original Equipment supplier (see the KYB online catalog for detailed listings).
2018 Product of the Year
Best Overall Import Aftermarket Product, awarded by the Import Vehicle Community in November of 2018.