KYB TV is a brand new series of short videos developed to help you understand what shocks and struts do, how they affect performance, and why KYB is the correct choice.

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#3 - How to Choose the Best Shocks

The best shocks, no matter how you are using your truck or SUV. The best shocks can offer more than just a smooth ride, they…

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Shock & Strut Video Tips

How to choose the right shock or strut, truck shock information and more

Do I need new shocks
Shocks & struts, what you should know
How to choose the right shock or strut
When to replace shocks & struts
How shocks and struts wear

Shock & Strut Basics

When to replace shocks and struts and more

Technical Information

Shock and strut technical tips and more

For Professionals

Shock and Strut Resources

KYB Social Media

Shocks and Struts Press Releases

Director of Technology & Supply Chain: Gail McHugh

Monday, March 8th is International Women’s Day. To celebrate some of the women working at KYB, we spoke to Gail McHugh, who is the Director of Technology & Supply Chain…
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KYB Launches Feeling is Believing Consumer Promotion

  KYB’s popular consumer rebate promotion, Feeling is Believing, returns February 15th and will run through April 15th. Feeling is Believing kicks off an ambitious 2021 promotion schedule for KYB,…
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Date February 11th, 2021

KYB Taps Local Talent for Marketing and Inventory Management

KYB Americas is proud to announce key appointments to their Greenwood, Indiana staff. Andy Castleman, a motorsports and marketing agency veteran, joins the team as Brand Manager. His 20 years…
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Date December 22nd, 2020

KYB To Mass Produce KADS for Motorcycles

Development of KADSTM, an electronically controlled suspension system for motorcycles KYB is announcing the launch of mass production for KADS,* an electronically controlled suspension system for motorcycles that integrates control…
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Date December 17th, 2020

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