Restores designed stability
In-house damping valves are assembled by hand to help restore the handling and stability to what the vehicle manufacturer intended. This is critical to make sure electronic safety systems work as designed.
ESC ready
Electronic Safety Systems like Electronic Stability Control and automated braking depend on the suspension, brakes and tires operating exactly as the vehicle manufacturer intended. Worn shocks or economy shocks may not have enough damping, making it harder for Electronic Safety Systems to perform as designed.
Helps prolong tire life
Worn or economy shocks may not have enough damping ability to properly control the tire and tire performance, this creates too much tire movement and accelerates tire wear. KYB shocks are engineered for optimal tire performance and wear.
Improves Stopping Distance
Worn and economy shocks may not provide enough damping to keep your vehicle level and in control when braking. They can allow weight to transfer too quickly resulting in a vehicle that is harder to steer and doesn’t stop as designed. New KYB shocks will help hold down the rear of the vehicle when braking to reduce stopping distance and improve brake life.
Helps Maintain Wheel Alignment
The strength and thickness of the strut body and brackets are critical for maintaining correct wheel alignment. KYB has the strongest and thickest strut bodies and brackets in the industry, this minimizes flex to keep the alignment correct, and you in control
OE Replacement
The best choice to restore original designed handling and control capabilities; from a leading Original Equipment supplier (see the KYB online catalog for detailed listings).

Ride Comfort may be important, but restoring a vehicle’s Ride Control, stability, stopping, lane change responsiveness and handling is critical. KYB Excel-G Shocks & Struts are designed for the most important performance purpose: Restoring the vehicle’s original capabilities. KYB is a world leading supplier of shocks and struts to new vehicle manufacturers and the Excel-G is made on the very same KYB OE assembly lines, uses the same OE quality components and is calibrated to restore original, designed performance, not change it.

That has earned Excel-G the classification: OEA (Original Equipment for the Aftermarket). The KYB Excel-G is a nitrogen gas-charged, twin-tube design that includes every quality component that our global OEM products include and it is the preferred choice by professional technicians.

Vehicle specific, hand assembled in house damping valves: The rebound and compression valves are the heart of a shock, they manage tire contact, steering response and control body movement. KYB assembles both the rebound and compression valves by hand, in a pressurized clean room to avoid contamination and make sure the valves control vehicle and tire movement as designed.

Fluid leaking can be a cause of shock failure. The KYB Excel-G has an ultra-smooth triple chrome plated chrome piston rod to reduce seal wear. The multi-lip, synthetic oil seal is also engineered to keep fluid in and has a wiper to keep contaminates out of the oil.

Proper wheel alignment is critical to vehicle performance, KYB utilizes the thickest and strongest bodies and brackets in the industry to increase rigidity. A sintered iron rod guide also helps to maintain correct alignment in all driving conditions.

Fluid must be managed through the valves for a shock to keep a vehicle operating as designed. The KYB Excel-G uses seamless, extruded steel tubing in the inner cylinders, and includes a Teflon band around the piston for a positive seal. This eliminates the chance of any fluid bypass and allows the valves to do their job and keep you in control.

KYB Excel-G shocks and struts are available for popular cars, trucks, SUVs and CUVs.

Excel-G Damping Curve