The best strut assembly for your truck.
The best strut assembly gives you confidence, and the KYB Strut-Plus is the best complete strut assembly available. For popular cars and Crossovers KYB offers the OE performance restoring Strut-Plus. Research, engineering, and testing make the Strut-Plus the correct assembly to help restore ride height and designed handling and control capabilities.
For trucks, KYB gives you a few different choices because people use trucks differently. For people who love the way their truck handled when new and aren’t towing or hauling heavy loads, the Strut-Plus is the best choice. The Truck-Plus Performance Assembly providers additional control capabilities and is perfect for people who are hauling or have larger tires and wheels. The KYB Truck-Plus Leveling Assembly comes with a leveling kit already installed and will raise the front of the truck about two inches. KYB’s choices of Strut-Plus and Truck-Plus loaded struts ensures you get the right loaded strut for how you use your truck.
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