OE Fit, Form and Correct Function

OEMs do not share their performance and handling targets or damping specs. Only companies working with new car makers know the designed performance capabilities of each vehicle and how the shocks, springs and tires are designed to work together with the ADAS (Advanced Driver-Assistant System). Anyone can build a part that looks like OE, but if you don’t know the designed performance target, the part may not perform very well on the vehicle.

  • Only companies working directly with OEMs know the performance, handling and ride targets for each vehicle
  • KYB doesn’t just build OEM shocks, we design and tune them with our OEM partners
  • The KYB Excel-G and Strut-Plus are designed and built to help restore original designed handling and control capabilities
  • The KYB Gas-a-Just*, MonoMax and Truck-Plus Performance Assembly are designed to provide increased control over the original design

When choosing a shock or strut, we understand you may have less expensive options. Today’s offerings aren’t really, ”good, better, best,” or even ”economy and premium.” Your choice is really between “economy and correct.”

*For vehicles equipped with a OEM monotube shock the Gas-a-Just is the correct shock to help restore original designed control



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