When To Replace

What Are the Symptoms of Worn Shocks?

Show Me the Symptoms of Worn Shocks!

When Should I Replace Shocks?

The best way to determine if you need to replace shocks and struts is to do a road test. Paying attention to the sights, sounds and feelings of what the vehicle is doing while road testing will let you know if it’s time to replace. A few minutes behind the wheel while performing some simple maneuvers will indicate if your vehicle has worn shocks and struts. Either you or a qualified technician can do the road test on your vehicle.


You may not have realized that your stopping distance is longer than when the vehicle was new and there’s more nose diving when you’re braking. You may have learned to go a bit slower around corners so the vehicle doesn’t have so much body roll that makes you feel unsafe. You may have gotten used to the feelings and noises your vehicle makes when driving over bumps. Many people just assume their vehicle is just old and won’t drive like it used to. Installing the correct KYB shocks and struts can help bring back the performance, handling, confidence and joy that’s been missing.


This quick video gives you an idea of what these customers felt when they road tested their vehicles. After the test, we replaced their shocks and struts and had them do the same road test. They were amazed at the difference in handling and control with the new parts from KYB. You can check out that whole video here.