’23 Fall Consumer Promo

Consumers receive a $50 PrePaid Mastercard with any qualifying KYB Shock or Strut purchase!

Worn shocks can increase brake wear and stopping distance. New KYB shocks will help brakes work better and last longer.

Restore your ride's original handling and control capabilities. Increase performance and stability. Decrease brake wear and stopping distance. Accommodate larger tires and wheels. And earn a $50 PrePaid Mastercard on any qualifying purchase of KYB shocks, struts, and strut mounts between September and November 2023.

Receive a $50 Mastercard® Gift Card with purchase of any of the following:

  • 2 KYB struts and 2 KYB strut mounts
  • 4 KYB shocks
  • 2 KYB Strut-Plus or Truck-Plus assemblies

Start Your Rebate

Please have your itemized receipt showing the individual costs of each KYB item to submit for the rebate. All rebate submissions are due by December 15th, 2023
Please see the official rules here in English, or click here for Spanish.

This is for US based consumers, if you are a Canadian resident, click here.

For customer service help with the rebate process:
Email: KYBrebates@email-360insights.com
Or call: 855-396-3245

Choose the shocks and struts that are right for you.

For car, pickup, truck, and 4x4 drivers who want to restore the designed control capabilities of their ride, KYB Excel-G and KYB Strut-Plus Assemblies are the right choice.

For truck, SUV, and 4x4 drivers who may tow occasionally, have larger tires and wheels, or just want more stability, KYB Gas-a-Just shocks are the right choice. 

For truck, SUV, and 4X4 drivers who tow or haul heavy loads frequently or have a heavier diesel engine, KYB MonoMax heavy duty shocks and KYB Truck-Plus Performance Assemblies provide maximum control.

If you want to lift the front of your truck for a more aggressive style, add KYB Truck-Plus Leveling Assemblies.

Drivers who want to upgrade their car or truck with bigger wheels and/or tires should consider a shock or strut upgrade. Lifted trucks or cars with big wheels and tires require the right equipment to compensate for the new height and added weight. KYB shocks and struts not only help handle that additional height but can also provide additional control and handling that make vehicles with wheel and tire upgrades safer and more enjoyable to drive.

Whether towing, hauling heavy loads, or transporting your family, worn strut mounts can affect the performance of your struts. If you’re replacing or upgrading your struts, check the condition of your strut mounts too. New KYB strut mounts help ensure that you get the stability and performance you expect from your struts. 

KYB makes the best shocks for whatever you drive and however you use your car, truck, SUV, or 4X4. 

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