KYB Shock Absorbers and Struts for Trucks

No matter how you use your truck, KYB offers shock absorbers and struts for trucks that will keep you in control.

KYB Knows Trucks!

Whether you’re hauling heavy loads or transporting your family, KYB has you covered with shocks that restore performance and performance upgrade shock absorbers and struts for trucks. KYB truck shocks, struts and strut assemblies are engineered and calibrated for trucks with high mileage, using Original Equipment research, testing and manufacturing quality.

Working trucks are often used at their limit and maintaining control and stability can be too much for OE shocks. KYB offers high pressure gas monotube shocks that provide more control over original equipment and are perfect for towing, hauling heavy loads or even off-roading and overlanding. Others love the way their truck rode and handled when it was new and want to maintain that feel as long as they own their truck. The KYB Excel-G and Strut-Plus shock absorbers and struts for trucks are engineered and built specifically to restore the original designed performance of your truck.

You need a truck shock that is right for you, and how you use your truck. That’s why KYB has a full range of options for struts, strut assemblies, and shocks for trucks.

Shock Absorbers and Struts for Trucks

Which KYB Shocks and Struts are right for your ride?

It depends how you’re using your truck:

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