Chrysler, Dodge, Plymouth MiniVan Front Strut
1996-2000 KYB# 334188
2001-2007 KYB# 334335

Topic: Assembly: After spring to strut reassembly; the coil spring is
bowed out to the side.

Solution: The angles of the upper & lower spring seats must be parallel
when viewed from the side. This is done by aligning the notch
in the upper spring seat with the centerline of the lower knucle
bracket opening.

Topic: Diagnosing Noises While Driving: Clunking or rattles over
bumps may sound like strut mount noises.

Solution: If the strut mount is good & the spring seat clock position is
correct, look at other suspension components. These vehicles
are well known for other noise-causing components that can be
difficult to pinpoint: The sway/stabilizer bar frame bushings and
link pins are a common cause.

Conditions: Mis-diagnosed noises cause an unnecessary second
replacement of the struts.

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