These vehicles require special spring to strut mounting procedures. Improper assembly could cause excessive side strain and strut failure. The top mount has two studs that attach to the vehicle body. When fitting the assembled strut to the vehicle, if the lower mounting bushing & bolt do not align; do not force or twist the strut into place. This may put excessive pressure on the mounts and strut shaft.

We recommend that you position (clock) the upper strut mount to the strut lower mount per the illustrations on this page. Note that the left & right sides are different. When the upper & lower mounts are aligned properly the strut assembly will fit into all mounting holes without twisting or forcing.

Nissan Maxima Rear Strut Installation
1995-1999 KYB# 341202
2000-2001 KYB# 341271
2002-2003 KYB# 341341


Topic: Difficulty aligning the lower mount bushing & bolt after inserting
the upper mounting studs into the vehicle mounting holes.

Solution: This vehicle has a special upper to lower mount position. When
viewed from the top; the upper studs are at a slight angle when
compared to the lower mounting bushing & bolt. Perform this
alignment while the coil spring is compressed during the spring
to strut reassembly.

Conditions: If assembled incorrectly: Twisting or forcing the strut to allow
installing the lower mounting bolt may cause stress that would
damage the mount, strut or cause premature failure.

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