KYB Releases New Mobile App

KYB Americas, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of shocks and struts, is proud to announce the release of its first ever mobile app, KYB Mobile Resource.  KYB initially developed this new app as a way to get catalog information to end users.  During development, the KYB Mobile Resource platform expanded and allows KYB to add product data, pictures, installation tips and other information instantaneously.

The KYB Mobile Resource app offers several different methods to get accurate KYB product information, including vehicle make, competitive cross reference and KYB part number lookup. Most notably, however, is the apps ability to search by VIN code.  For camera equipped smart phones and tablets, the user will have the choice to either use the apps camera scanner feature on the vehicles’ VIN barcode or type the VIN in directly.

“When we started developing KYB Mobile Resource we focused on what would be most important for the end user,” said KYB Marketing Manager Kyle Freund. “Offering different ways to get accurate catalog information is critical, but we saw this as an opportunity for the app to become an extension of the KYB brand experience.  By offering multiple high quality product photos, information and installation tips, we are enhancing how people interact with KYB.”

KYB Mobile Resource is free of cost and currently available for most smart phones and tablets.  To download, users can key word search for KYB via the user’s device app store.

KYB Corporation is a $4 billion global hydraulics manufacturer with over 8,100 employees and sells its products in over 100 countries. The company is a world leading supplier of shocks and struts to vehicle manufacturers and has a full range of domestic and import shocks and struts for the aftermarket. For more information, log onto