KYB Americas Corp. Expands Domestic Vehicle Coverage

KYB Americas Corp. is excited to announce recently expanded coverage for domestic vehicle applications.  While KYB has consistently been a top full-line supplier across all vehicle makes and models, the recently released part numbers include an enhanced domestic coverage focus for Strut-Plus Complete Assemblies, and the OE performance-restoring Excel-G lines.

The recent part number releases include 20.6 million vehicles on the road in North America today. Included in this release are new part numbers for KYB Strut-Plus complete assembly, Excel-G, and Gas-a-Just lines.  There was also an expansion of KYB’s leading Strut Mount and Boot lines covering an additional 80 million vehicles.  All of the new part numbers are specifically calibrated to compensate for worn suspensions to help restore or improve the vehicles original handling and control.  Also, all KYB products are manufactured to work within the demands of the vehicle’s Crash Avoidance Systems.

“Our product and R&D teams work tirelessly on making sure that we stay current with vehicle coverage and our customers demand” said KYB Vice President Mike Fiorito. “It is KYB’s goal to be our customer’s best supplier and you can’t do that without having great coverage. We continue to strive to deliver industry leading coverage for all makes and models in North America.”

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