KYB Favorites


Here are just a few of our favorite snapshots that you shared with us.

LeMons2-setup The 24 Hours of LeMons?

KYB’s own Aaron Shaffer participating in a 24 hours of LeMons race in Michigan. Participants in the race were limited to a car purchase of less than $500. They were also required to make the vehicle safe enough to survive the entire race. The KYB decal is placed prominently on the door panel among other fun design work. We’re unsure of whether this older Fiero had KYB’s in use, but it looks like they are having a lot of fun.

’41 Plymouth

This fan just installed two KYB KG4511 units on the front of my 1941 Plymouth hot rod. He commented, “These shocks work awesome on my 1975 Mustang II front end. It’s fun to drive now. I drove it for an hour right after I installed them, I didn’t want to come home!!

I love the control these shocks give their car.”

Glad to hear!

van2-setup El Furgoneta

A distributor in Puerto Rico decided to add the KYB logo and imagery to the side of their delivery van.  As a global company, KYB has many partners worldwide spreading the KYB message.  We love to see some of their initiatives come back to us. We hope they like the Van as it certainly creates a presence!