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Shocks and your vehicle

Gravity and weight will keep your tires on the ground… until you hit a bump. And, your vehicle may seem stable… Read more »

What worn shocks do (or don’t do)

Simply Put: More Wear = Less Vehicle Control There are two major disadvantages that begin to occur as your shocks… Read more »

Crash-Avoidance Systems

crash-avoidance systems (ESC) are required on all new cars, light trucks, and SUVs What is ESC? Imagine a computer system in… Read more »

All about strut mounts

            Strut mounts: The unsung hero. Keeps your ride quiet & vibration free. As the… Read more »

When to Replace Shocks

    Perhaps the better question is “How well do you want your vehicle to perform?” If you can answer that question,… Read more »