Can worn shocks or struts cause my new tires to wear unevenly?

Absolutely: shocks and struts provide damping force to control tire movement. When the tires move excessively, they develop a “cupping” wear pattern that damages the tire.

Other factors such as incorrect air pressure, worn suspension components or improperly aligned steering also causes uneven tire wear.

Do the strut mounts come with the bearings?

Many do, but only when the strut mount is also the steering pivot. The bearing is a wear item and affects the steering response as well as wheel alignment. See the KYB catalog for application part number and a picture of each item.

Are there any differences between the KYB shocks & struts manufactured in the U.S. vs. other countries (like Japan)?

No. All KYB products are designed at the KYB world R&D offices and every KYB manufacturing plant then builds each product to the designed specifications. High volume part numbers are manufactured in more than one plant and in more than one country. Since KYB designs and builds our own manufacturing equipment, we can control and duplicate production specifications which ensures identical performance & quality at every manufacturing facility. Specific product performance is determined by part number, not by where it is manufactured. Product quality is a standard in every KYB part number, in every KYB manufacturing facility.

Do I need to align my tires after I have my struts replaced?

It depends on the vehicle design. A strut by design is also a component that supports the wheel & tire. Some models aren’t affected when the struts are replaced while others do change the wheel alignment. Strut removal & installation potentially changes the position of the tire alignment. Some struts have adjustment slots to perform the alignment with. All struts affect alignment in some way so it’s best to check the specific vehicle service manual and specifications.

How do I know if a strut is rebuild-able?

Struts cannot be refilled or rebuilt. However, some struts have a replaceable cartridge. These repairable struts can be identified by a large hexagonal shaped nut at the top of the strut body. Please remember that struts are usually gas charged and that replacement should only be performed by a qualified technician.

What is the difference between the KYB GR-2 and the Excel-G products?

We apologize that this is a bit confusing. Both products are identical, except for the product name and paint color. KYB sells products throughout the world. Some part numbers fit vehicles from various countries that share the same chassis platform but, have different nameplates. At one time there were several KYB brand names, but we are now moving toward one name and color. So in the future all new part numbers will be branded as Excel-G and have black paint.

When do I need to replace worn shocks or struts?

There are four main reasons that determine when to replace them: 1) To upgrade performance; 2) to restore the vehicle’s designed performance (usually after 50,000 miles); 3) when the vehicle has excessive ride control conditions (i.e. nose dive, body roll, etc.); or 4) when the vehicle has a failed unit (i.e. dripping hydraulic fluid, tire cupping, excessive bounce, etc.).