2018 KYB Certified Vehicle Stability & Control Center Kit

Marketing, training, and communication tools
for service providers

The KYB Certified Vehicle Stability & Control Center Program

The most comprehensive set of ride control business-building tools in the industry.

The KYB Certified Vehicle Stability & Control Center Kit shows your customer that your shop is an expert and cares about their driving safety. It provides your shop with training insights not available anywhere else. It includes a great new LED Sign, customer waiting room materials, exclusive POP items, show & tell communication aids, and valuable consumer rebates to help you earn more ride control sales.

If your shop is serious about the ride control business, then this program is a must have!

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KYB FULL Kit Part#: VSCC18

KYB Support Kit Part#: SK2018


2018 VSCC Kit Contents


How does that help you and your customer?
The Key to Success is Communication and Education
KYB created the “Keep it Original” campaign to increase awareness of how important ride control is to vehicle safety. Crash Avoidance Technologies like ABS Brakes, Traction Control and Electronic Stability Control can save lives, but as a vehicle ages and wears these systems can become ineffective. The motorist depends on the Service Provider to keep them informed about the condition of their vehicle and the maintenance needed to keep it operating within its originally designed capabilities. This kit is everything you need to show the motorist that you are a Ride Control Expert!The KYB Certified Ride Control Center Program is designed to educate service provider employees and to provide them with the most effective motorist communication and educational tools in the Automotive Aftermarket.

The most critical function of a motor vehicle is to be in designed control during every maneuver: Stopping ability & steering responsiveness. However, the motorist usually doesn’t understand what components help them stay in control and how to judge wear over time and miles. That’s what a KYB Certified Ride Control Center can do better than anyone else!


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