2014: 3rd Quarter Ride Control Expert Series

Each quarter KYB offers a variety of insights ranging from ride control technology, manufacturing insights, and customer communication.  We hope that these articles help broaden your understanding. Please let us know if you find these informative and enjoyable by contacting us at marketing@kyb.com.


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 3rd Quarter 2014 Edition

1 1-1 At the Service Counter: Don’t Throw the Old Strut Out… Yet 
An old, worn strut still could have “show & tell” value to your customers that don’t know what a strut is, nor what it does.
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2 3 From the KYB Tech Support Team: Strut Mounts 
There’s a potential problem lurking somewhere under the hood even though you probably did the strut replacement correctly. That’s why we call the subject about replacing Strut Mounts as Avoiding The GrimaceGet the whole story.
3 2 For CRCC’s: Helping Motorists “Rate” their Ride
Submitted by a service provider (a KYB Certified Ride Control Center) owner/manager:Read More
4 4 How it’s Made: Tuning Shocks and Struts
While the design & calibration calculations are mostly done with computers and software, tuning is still an art and requires an experienced professional
Read the whole story on the KYB Tuning process.