January 2014: Ride Control Tips

KYB Training Video :

Who should watch it?




Really, it’s worth taking 15 minutes to consider some new ideas about how to educate the motorist. Helping the motorist make good decisions about maintaining a vehicle’s handling and control can be difficult if you struggle at communicating the value and be the expert.


That’s why KYB filmed a brief training video & included it on the Certified Ride Control Center Kit DVD. It’s in the box. Dig it out and take a look. Still not sure if you or someone in your employ should watch it? See if you, your technicians and service advisors can answer these five questions:

  1. Name three of the vehicle’s most critical functions.
  2. Does the 50,000 mile (80K km) replacement recommendation apply to highway-used vehicles?
  3. Does ESC keep the vehicle from leaning in a curve?
  4. At what speed could you check for poor handling conditions?
  5. Does the 2nd stage damping valve control high speed driving?

The more comfortable you are about discussing these topics with the motorist, the easier it will be to help them understand the purpose and value of maintaining designed ride control performance.

Hey look, we know most people resist taking the time to bring a DVD home, interrupt their evening and watch a training video. But that’s not going to help you succeed. Instead, consider gathering your personnel while they have lunch, watch & discuss it as a group!

By the way, click here to find an online 10 question quiz with answer videos that will earn the test-taker a printable completion certificate. Good Luck!

If you’ve misplaced your digital media library DVD, you can request another one by emailing your information here: teamkyb@kyb.com