April 2014: At the Service Counter

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Available for your use:

video-thumb(1)Shocks & Struts, What You Should Know

video-thumb(WTR)when to replace your shocks and struts

How to choose the right shock or strut

It’s a fact; people are drawn to a TV screen.

And, when a motorist is sitting in a waiting area without much else to do but wait, it’s the perfect time to educate them about maintaining their vehicle. But where can you get professional, short videos that convey the right messages? Well, if you haven’t visited www.kyb.com lately, you’re missing a great opportunity.

Thousands of consumers every month click on KYB’s home page and watch three informative videos. And, all three are available for you (a KYB Certified Ride Control Center), to use at your service counter or in a waiting area! One explains why ride control, shock & struts are important, the next helps the motorist understand when it’s a good idea to replace them and the last one helps them choose the best one for their vehicle. There’s just no better time to educate the motorist than when they are right there in your shop.

You can either show the videos right from your computer monitor or access them YouTube-logo-full_coloron KYB’s YouTube Channel. KYB’s new website is designed to help you: “Help the Motorist Stay in Control”.  It’s always a work in progress and we consistently use suggestions from proactive automotive service providers like you to help make it better.  If after viewing the site you have a suggestion or recommendation that you and other service providers could benefit from, please let us know. CLICK HERE:  From the YouTube channel you can share this video on any of your own social media sites or even use the included embedding language to post these videos to your own website.  If you need help, be sure to let us know.  Additionally, you could even create a loop of these videos and add them to your shop waiting room TV.  Need a different format?  No problem. Simply send an email to us at teamkyb@kyb.com and request the videos in any format you choose.






Remember, you can always reach us at teamkyb@kyb.com.

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