April 2014: For CRCC’s

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We know you wear a lot of different hats. Most employees or owners of small businesses have to.

One minute you’re a salesperson, then a technical advisor followed by some accounting work, team management and occasional janitorial duties. For most, there’s little time left to be creative about your marketing, advertising and customer education. Well, that’s when KYB can help. A lot of the work has already been done for you.

If you can read, copy & paste, you can have a brilliant website, ads and a customer waiting area chock full of information that will help your customer make better vehicle maintenance decisions.



Just a few of the many options available in the Knowledge Center


KYB recently revamped its website to a new, more consumer-friendly design. We call it “The More You Know … The Safer You Drive.” We encourage you to visit www.kyb.com and check out some of the new features.  It’s also mobile friendly so you can easily view it on your smart phone or tablet.

Think about why consumers use the internet. It’s estimated that more than half of all purchases are influenced by what people learn on websites. Your customers are using kyb.com for research or as a guide to help make a buying decision for their own vehicle.  To support that, KYB created a brand new ‘Knowledge Center’ section of kyb.com dedicated to educating the motorist: What’s important to know about shocks and struts and why it’s important to replace them when they’re damaged or worn.  The Knowledge Center is loaded with additional technical information for service pros as well.  You can find installation and technical tips, ride control diagnostics, KYB shock dimensions and much more.

These materials should be viewed as resources for you; our valued Certified Ride Control Centers.  Adding important links to these web pages from your own site or newsletter can help you educate your customers before or after they visit your shop or when you recommend a service. Just one more way that KYB is helping you Stay in Control!



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