2013 July Ride Control Expert Series

Each quarter KYB offers a variety of insights ranging from ride control technology, manufacturing insights, and customer communication.  We hope that these articles help broaden your understanding. Please let us know if you find these informative and enjoyable by contacting us at marketing@kyb.com.


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July 2013 Edition

1 thumbnail-temp2 KYB at the Service Counter: “Steering Responsiveness”
“If the tires aren’t on the ground, they can’t stop or turn the vehicle.” Read More.
2 thumbnail-temp(tire) From the KYB Tech Support Team
Replacement Tires and Wheels can Affect Shock & Strut Performance
Caution: Non-OEM Tires & Wheels. Get the whole story.
3 thumbnail-valve How it’s Made: KYB’s OEA Piston & Valves
Damping valves are the heart and soul of a shock or strut.  Read the whole story on how they are made here.