2015: 1st Quarter Ride Control Expert Series


Each quarter KYB offers a variety of insights ranging from ride control technology, manufacturing insights, and customer communication.  We hope that these articles help broaden your understanding. Please let us know if you find these informative and enjoyable by contacting us at marketing@kyb.com.


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 1st Quarter 2015 Edition

1 counter At the Service Counter: Avoid the Post-Repair Grinch
editorial by Mac McGovern
One of the last things a service professional wants is a dissatisfied customer. And, one of the leading causes of dissatisfaction is that the customer’s expectations were not met. Learn More
2 From the KYB Tech Support Team: Do Shocks Need to be “Primed”? 
Shocks are designed to work vertically, but they get shipped on their side. When that happens, the first few strokes are going to feel like the shock isn’t working.
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3 Certified Ride Control Center Support: Oui KYB, Si KYB
KYB speaks many languages and our marketing materials do too. If you or you’re your customers speak Spanish or French…. We can help!
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4 How it’s Made: Shocks for an Airport Terminal
Japan’s Kansai International Airport was constructed on a man-made island 5 km offshore . One challenge of the project was how to deal with the large scale problem of sinking.
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