4th Quarter 2014: At the Service Counter

Conditions First, Causes Second

Editorial by Mac McGovern


That’s what the KYB Training team recommends when we talk to the motorist about things that they would rather avoid. It’s like being a great doctor: Let’s begin by understanding the condition your vehicle has before we talk about what’s causing it and how to cure it. What would you do if a doctor were to recommend surgery before explaining why? Most of us would probably reject the idea or go looking for a second opinion.

So what do you think goes through the motorist’s mind when you simply pronounce that they need shock & struts? You could be the best doctor in town, but still lose a patient’s confidence if this is your approach.

That’s one of the reasons that KYB created a friendlier, risk-free way of helping the motorist listen to you and make better decisions about maintaining their Designed Vehicle Control.


The motorist isn’t a technician and they aren’t likely to understand much about “parts”, so don’t try to sell them parts. Instead, it makes more sense to simply show them the conditions that are present and should be of interest to them. The pictures on the front of the KYB Ride Control Conditions Worksheet makes that easy to convey. It only takes a minute to capture their attention.

Now’s the time to turn the worksheet over and show all of the Vehicle Control Systems and Components at the same time. That’s important so that they don’t focus on just one thing or assume that a partial service will make a complete repair. Since the steering, suspension, shocks, struts, brakes and tires function as one and are dependent on each other, it makes perfect sense to have everything on a single page. Showing the motorist conditions that exist and explaining the causes (in that order) should become a non-emotional, informative experience. It actually raises customer confidence.

If you are interested in making your Ride Control business easier: KYB offers these worksheets and they are available at no cost through your KYB supplier. The KYB form number they should order is C401-018.

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