4th Quarter 2014: For CRCC’s



Your customers as well as potential ones are searching all the time. In fact, it’s estimated that for more costly purchases, people do pre-purchase online research 80% of the time and about 40-70% on all other purchases. The consumer wants to feel in control and comfortable so its online they go looking for answers. They’re searching price, that’s for sure, but they also want information. They want to know the best place to buy, what to buy, when is the best time to buy and if what they are interested in is even available at their favorite store. Curiously, by far, the most popular searches by college educated people are about health. They want to be the doctor, without going to the doctor.

smiling-man-at-laptop-for-websiteSo what does this have to do with a KYB Certified Ride Control Center? We’ll, you’re the car doctor. Your website is where people can go to do their own vehicle health research.

What they are looking for: What do shocks do? How do they work? How can I tell if my vehicle needs them? Is my favorite service provider an expert? Can I replace them myself? You’ve probably heard all the questions at the service counter at some point. But, are the answers they seek on your website where people can look around anomalously? Often the motorist doesn’t know what to ask or is afraid of what you might say. Today’s typical customer doesn’t want to know the technical stuff. They want quick, concise information that they can understand and make decisions with; thus, the Internet.

Monitor(multi)They want pictures, videos, blogs and reviews. They want to see the brands and they want to easily navigate to what they’re looking for. So ask yourself, does your site have the right stuff or will they go looking somewhere else? KYB Certified Ride Control Center Kit owners have everything they need to answer most consumer questions and show that your shop is the right place to get their ride control service.

Did you know that all three consumer-aimed videos on the home page at www.kyb.com can be used on your shop’s website? They address the most common questions that consumers ask about. There’s also pages upon pages of text and pictures that you can copy and paste into your website. The Digital Media DVD included in the kit has a wealth of items that will make your website be just what the patient is looking for.

Need help using the three home page videos? You have a variety of options: You can left click on one of the videos, then right click on it and select “Get Embedded Code”. This can be pasted into your website. Or, just the use the hyperlink by right clicking on the video and use the “Save Link As….” To paste onto your site. Still feel unfamiliar of how to do it: Just write us at teamkyb@kyb.com and we’ll help you pick the best option.

Your shop’s professional reputation can often be judged by what they see and read online. It pays to use your KYB resources!

All of this to “Help the Motorist Stay in Control” from KYB