2014: 4th Quarter Ride Control Expert Series

Each quarter KYB offers a variety of insights ranging from ride control technology, manufacturing insights, and customer communication.  We hope that these articles help broaden your understanding. Please let us know if you find these informative and enjoyable by contacting us at marketing@kyb.com.


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 4th Quarter 2014 Edition

1 counter At the Service Counter: Conditions First, Causes Second
editorial by Mac McGovern
That’s what the KYB Training Team recommends when we talk to the motorist about things that they would rather avoid. Learn More
2 Leak From the KYB Tech Support Team: Shock & Strut Leaks 
Myths, truths and causes: The subject of leaks has caused more controversy than most any other vehicle component. Is a small leak still too much? Does any leak at all mean that the shock or strut needs to be replaced? Get the whole story
3 laptop Certified Ride Control Center Support: Online Ride Control Purchase Decisions
Your customers as well as potential ones are searching all the time. In fact, it’s estimated that for more costly purchases, people do pre-purchase online research 80% of the time. Read More
4 coilspring How it’s Made: Coil Spring Testing
Coil Springs may all look alike when assembled but there’s big differences in how they perform and how long they might last. Read the whole story about KYB Coil Springs

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