KYB Certification Rebates Center

quizThis page is only for KYB Certified Ride Control Center Kit purchasers

Welcome to the KYB Certified Ride Control Center Program

Clicking on GO! (below) will lead you through these simple steps:

  • Register your KIT I.D.#
  • Enter your mail-in rebate contact information
  • Take the Training Certification Quiz
  • Print the Training Completion Certificate
  • Print your (5) $20 Mail-in Rebate Forms


Note: You must pass the KYB Training Certification Quiz to qualify for the (5) $20 Mail-in Rebates

Note: You must have your KYB Certified Ride Control Center KIT ID# and a printer available. When you are ready, click GO! (below) to enter your information and begin the quiz.

Begin the Rebate Registration & Certification Quiz


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